Dinner by the Bite

Stuffed Mushrooms

What is “Dinner by the Bite?”

Little Bites that add up to a full meal.
It is a little flavorful bite to amuse your palate. 

Staci’s Catering is your “Dinner by the Bite” expert.

I have a passion for finger food catering and can create delicious flavors combined with eye-catching presentation, for a remarkable appetizer that will be sure to impress at your next event.  I use only the freshest ingredients to create these tasty bites.  Constantly thinking of new ways to stay lengths ahead of the competition, I like to serve in small dishes, use tiny silverware, individual little portions are my specialty.

Amazingly, my menu was created so that almost everything on my menu can be turned into a small portion therefore, giving you many choices for your next “Dinner by the Bite” party.

Look no further than to Staci to create your next event menu.  From fancy to basic, gourmet to simple, I cater for all tastes, styles and budgets.  There are many other caterers out there with appetizers on their menus, so in order to compete with them I continually prove that my catering service is not only superior, but ahead of everyone else.