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  • Contract Catering

    Staci’s Catering offers an exclusive opportunity for you to be a part of her company.  Approach Staci to cater for your distinctive venue and be prepared for all the compliments, repeat business and referrals my food will bring you…

    Staci’s Catering is a modern and up-to-date contract catering company offering a total Catering-Events-Management package that is tailored to suit your needs and clientele.  Specializing in 100% made from scratch quality cuisine, with over 13 years of experience in the Catering and Hospitality Industry, I pride myself on my ability to cater for your specific requirements and taste.  Staci’s Catering offers excellent quality with stunning presentation and personalized service. (more…)

  • Dinner by the Bite

    What is “Dinner by the Bite?”

    Little Bites that add up to a full meal.
    It is a little flavorful bite to amuse your palate. 

    Staci’s Catering is your “Dinner by the Bite” expert.

    I have a passion for finger food catering and can create delicious flavors combined with eye-catching presentation, for a remarkable appetizer that will be sure to impress at your next event. (more…)

  • Hints & Tricks

    Sunday Buffet2

    Noteworthy Tips

    You can tell if an egg is good by putting it in a bowl of water.  Fresh eggs will sink.  Stale eggs will float.

    Cut tomatoes from top-to-bottom instead of side-to-side.  This helps the juice from running all over your cutting board. (more…)

  • Meal Options


    Do you want hors d’ oeuvres, a buffet, a sit-down meal served Family Style? Perhaps you are planning for an ethnic inspired meal or a themed meal… Maybe you have a tight budget?

    No need to agonize or fret…it is possible to find exactly what you are looking for. (more…)

  • Aug

    Fran Milano

    Staci, you have really been on my mind! I mean to get our high praise in writing, as everything was delicious! Very happy with the choices. Perfectly executed and great onsite service! Continue Reading…

  • Aug

    Sally Fitch

    Staci, thank you for helping to provide a wonderful night for everybody… Continue Reading…

  • Jul

    Lisa Wallace

    I can’t thank you enough!  People raved and raved about your food and the party went so much more smoothly than in the past. Continue Reading…

  • Ruby Reb Raspberry Fizz

    This is my favorite festive non-alcoholic holiday punch. 

    2 oz Ruby Red Syrup
    1 oz Raspberry Syrup Continue Reading…

  • Rocky Road

    This recipe is one my Grandma would make for everyone during the holidays. 

    24 oz Semi Sweet Chocolate melted with ¼ cup canola oil
    32 oz mini Marshmallows
    6 oz Sweetened Coconut
    4 oz chopped Walnuts Continue Reading…

  • Apple Crisp

    This recipe I learned from my momma. 

    8 Crisp Apples (peeled, cored and thinly sliced)
    ¾ cup softened butter
    1 ½ cup brown sugar Continue Reading…