Weddings & Receptions

Long Buffet Table


Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable day of your life.  It’s a time for celebration with your friends and family, but for most people it is also a source of stress and anxiety as you try to make everything perfect.  If you are planning a wedding we would love to be a part of it.  We have years of experience in producing wedding feasts to remember. When you hire us to cater your wedding, you know that at least you won’t have to worry about the food!  Whether you are planning a relaxed, intimate gathering, or a large, elegant reception with hundreds of guests, we will present a professional and delicious meal that will delight your guests and give you wedding memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.



Your choice of one of the following:

Salsa BarPotato Bar

Taco Bar

Hot Dip Bar

$11.00 per person++


Budgeted and Enjoyable

1 Standard Entrée choice

1 Side Dish choice

2 Salad choices

Rolls with Butter

$14.00 per person++


Generous and Appealing

2 Standard Entrée choices

1 Side Dish choice

2 Salad choices

Rolls with Butter

$18.00 per person++

Extravagant and Mouth-Watering

2 Appetizers

2 Premium Entrée choices

2 Side Dish choices

2 Salad choices

Rolls with Butter


$26.00 per person++


Enchanting and Delectable

7 Appetizer choices (buffet and tray-passed)

3 Desserts choices

$29.00 per person++


Tips for your caterer:

  • Give your caterer a schedule of events if you have one.
  • Meet at your reception location to discuss the specifics.
  • Let your caterer know of any guest that has special food needs or diet.