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Dinner by the Bite

What is “Dinner by the Bite?”

Little Bites that add up to a full meal.
It is a little flavorful bite to amuse your palate. 

Staci’s Catering is your “Dinner by the Bite” expert.

I have a passion for finger food catering and can create delicious flavors combined with eye-catching presentation, for a remarkable appetizer that will be sure to impress at your next event. Continue Reading…

Meal Options


Whether you are having a one-on-one meeting or are pitching a sale to a large group of prospective clients, it is extremely important that you treat them to an excellent meal – the cuisine can leave a lasting impression.  A poor meal and its presentation will not only leave a bad taste in a client’s mouth, but will also leave a bad taste in their mouth about your company.  Continue Reading…