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BLTA Croissants $120 2dz

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avacado, croissant sandwhiches

Cheesesteak $125 2dz

Thin sliced meat, onions, peppers with melted cheese on fresh baked baguette

Chicken Pot Pie $145 serves 24

A homemade comfort food classic filled with lots of chicken and tender vegetables

Chicken Salad Sandwich $120 2dz

Made with grilled chicken breast

Club Sandwich $120 2dz

Meat and cheese, layered on a hoagie roll

Cranberry, Feta and Turkey Sandwich $120 2dz

Cream cheese, green onions, feta and cranberries spread onto fresh rolls with turkey

Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Green Goddess Spread $130 2dz

Fresh spinach, crunchy cucumbers, sliced steak and tasty spread

Jalepeño Chicken Sandwich $120 2dz

Grilled chicken, chipoltle mayo, jalepenos make this sandwich so yummy

Peppered Turkey Wrap with Apricot Spread $120 2dz

The flavor of this wrap is boosted with a combination of apricot and creamy cheese

Reno Sandwich $120 2dz

Thin sliced roasted pork loin, muenster cheese and secret sauce on fresh baked baguette

Sesame Chicken Sandwich $120 2dz

Toasted bun with a crunchy chicken breast, spinach, cucumbers and cilantro in a fresh marinade