Meal Options



Whether you are having a one-on-one meeting or are pitching a sale to a large group of prospective clients, it is extremely important that you treat them to an excellent meal – the cuisine can leave a lasting impression.  A poor meal and its presentation will not only leave a bad taste in a client’s mouth, but will also leave a bad taste in their mouth about your company.  Staci’s Catering offers a wide variety of freshly prepared foods that are sure to show your potential clients that your company has what it takes to handle their affairs.

What about meals for top clients, board members, partners and shareholders?  The same high-quality service we provide for your prospective clients we also provide for your current clients, partners and shareholders.  As a successful business, you most likely already know the importance of branding.  We at Staci’s Catering believe that the same marketing principles that have attributed to the growth and success of your business should be applied to the lunches, dinners or banquets you serve to your clients.  By continually offering your top clients consistent, fresh and memorable cuisine you are strengthening the age-old bond of breaking bread together and reinforcing your company’s professional image.


Company Picnics are our specialty!  We understand that this is a special day for you and your employees.  Not only is it a chance for everyone to get to know each other beyond the work environment, but it is also an opportunity to meet employee’s family members.  An outdoor picnic is the ideal stress-free atmosphere to get to know one another.  Having catered many Yakima company picnics and barbeques in the past, we have the experience to pull of a great outside event with mouth-watering ribs, Barbeque Chicken, Beef Skewers, Hot dogs and Hamburgers.  Corn on the Cob, Triple Bean Bake,  There’s something about picnics that just screams “summertime.”  Who doesn’t have fond memories of sunny summer days spent at picnics, playing, relaxing and enjoying all that delicious homemade food?  With Staci’s Catering on the job, now you can relive those memories without all the stress and work of food preparation.


Staci’s Catering offers a bar services including, Bartenders, glassware rentals and wait staff.  With years of experience and the ability to make a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails, our savvy and friendly mixologists are equipped to handle events of all sizes.  From lavished weddings to quaint backyard get-togethers, we strive to give your guests unwavering personalized service they deserve.